Sustainability means taking responsibility for the impact and imprint we have on our environment and society. At Säkra, it is a natural part of our business, and we constantly work to improve our efforts in our daily operations and through the services we offer.

The financial industry has a key role to play in a long-term and sustainable economy in order to achieve the climate goals. Therefore, the EU has decided on a number of rules for sustainability reporting in the securities market. It covers environmental issues, social issues, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery.

Sustainability in pension advice

Responsible investing is a way of contributing to a better future for coming generations. The fund and pension companies that manage the capital allocated to savings and pensions have great power to influence the companies in which they invest. This can be done, for example, by investing carbon free, excluding companies where there is child labor or where employees do not have good working conditions.

As a financial advisor, we have an opportunity to make a significant impact by offering advice and guidance when it comes to responsible investments. We can help you as a customer to identify investment opportunities based on your ESG preferences – where your savings can have a positive effect on our environment and the world we live in. We also help employers integrate sustainability into their pension policies.

Sustainability factors and risks

Sustainability factors are defined as environmental, social and personnel issues, respect for human rights and the fight against corruption and bribery. Today, we have the opportunity to consider to a certain extent negative effects of sustainability factors in our advice to you. We do this by asking if sustainability aspects are important to you in connection with us giving you advice on insurance and savings. If you answer that it is important, we will only recommend products where the insurance companies and fund companies take sustainability aspects into account in their management process according to Swesif's sustainability declaration for funds (Hållbarhetsprofilen).

Funds can consider one or more sustainability factors and work through different methods with sustainability issues, for example that sustainability aspects form the basis for the fund manager's company selection or that the fund manager take sustainability issues into account in the investment process. The system sorts out certain industries if, for example, they have high emissions, reach certain limit values or if there are official conflicts or sanctions.

At present, we will not take sustainability risks into account when choosing which products we recommend. Sustainability risk is defined as an environment-related, social or governance-related event or circumstance that, if it were to occur, would have an actual or potentially significant negative impact on the value of the investment. We do not assess the probable consequences of sustainability risks on the return because we have not been able to identify all relevant such risks.

Our ambition is to develop our sustainability capabilities in our advice. As new standards (taxonomies) emerge from the EU and a harmonization of sustainability reporting becomes available, our opportunities to integrate this into our advice to you will increase. Further guidance from the supervisory authorities is also expected in relation to sustainability-related information provision. When additional legislation enters into force and becomes available, we will adapt our operations and revise our information on how we integrate sustainability risks into our advice.

As we haven’t integrated sustainability risks and only integrated a negative effect on sustainability factors to a limited extent, this does not affect our remuneration policy to our advisers. When the regulations regarding sustainability in insurance are complete, we will integrate this into our system for compensation to employees.

For advice outside insurance, we refer to the securities company Säkra Spar, to which we are affiliated agents.

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